Fill another Bucket of Water at the Gnome Hideout. Open the oven door and take the Diamond to the Gazebo. Your goal is to rotate the disks so that they match the gems around the outside of the circle as shown in the Solution. It is too rusty to move. Beware, you are proposing to add brand new pages to the wiki along with your edits. Screenshot Click on the workbench to get a close up of the cauldron. Repeat the previous step for the final gem.

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Crystals will walkthrougu marked with red circles and a reminder to collect them will be in your task bar. Click on the Buttercup flower and complete the Key Object. Click each one place the item in the cauldron. Click on the Options Button to adjust the music and sound volume, decide if you want the custom cursor, and choose window versus full screen mode.

The card in the middle shows the type of magic Hepmortula casts. If people could figure out that the game rower not to use the empty glass jars on the table, then why would we need a walkthrough! I have clicked on that poor little bird a hundred times to no avail.


A Gypsy’s Tale: The Tower of Secrets Walkthrough, Help, Hints and Game Discussion

Go to the Courtyard. The hints are unlimited but the hint button takes time to recharge in between each use. Click on the Crank to make the water flow in the fountain. Free download Hidden Object games for PC.

In the Courtyard, take the Rag from your inventory and use it on the fountain to clean it. Slipping Hope Collector’s Edition. Move the next 2 tiles using the toweg method.

Play A Gypsy’s Tale: The Tower of Secrets Game

Go inside the Haunted Cottage. Use the Shears from your inventory to remove all the vines on the wall. A Key Object is an object you can interact with or pick up. Where to go next in a scene will be shown on the walmthrough shot Map circle. I am having a problem though Plant each of the seeds from your inventory in the garden beds.

A Gypsy’s Tale Walkthrough

Go through the Fairy Circle to the Eldritch Realm. Click on the workbench to view a close-up of the cauldron. Go gypss the Tower Yard. Take the Raven Medallion from your inventory and place it over the circular slot in the pedestal.


Please enable Javascript in your browser to see and use spoilers. Go to the Eldritch Realm and click on the horse. Screenshot Give the Pot of Gold from your inventory to the Realtor.

I wrote to Big fish about it but haven’t heard back yet. Although if you’re younger I think you’d like this too, especially if you’re a girl. As you progress through the game, entries are added to, and removed from, your journal.

Where are you in the game? Take the Apple from your inventory and give it to the Deer so he will follow you. Pour the liquid from one vial into another as numbered. Click on the door and complete the Key Object to enter the Haunted Cottage. Can’t get the shovel to dig spot under pedestal in queen’s garden.