You are my strength, you are my youth, You are my shelter and my truth. Keys never fails to mesmerize. But up-and-coming DJ Fareoh, who toured with Kaskade earlier this year, is impressive. Log in Sign up. Hatchet reporter Priyanka Pardasani shares her latest musical obsessions. Sandro started off being an avid listener to electronic music in and hasn’t looked back since, with DJ’s such as Erick Morillo, as well as early house tracks getting him into house music. Bebe Rexha Fareoh Remix.

lessons in love kaskade fareoh remix

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Instead, he makes the song more danceable and enhances it melodically while providing a killer rhythm. Fareoh – Fight For You Feat. Leszons House Progressive House.

Kaskade – Lessons in Love (Fareoh Remix) | Forward Beats

Amidst a generation consumed by electronic music and synthesized sounds, we are blessed with the presence of Alicia Keys. To get the track as a free download just click HERE!! Advertise Donate Contact About Join. Both singers do an incredible job of expressing a caertain pain in their voices that make this ballad even more genuine and stirring.


Kaskade feat. Neon Trees Lessons in Love (Fareoh Remix)

Yes, a lot of us have heard this song many times. Keys never fails to mesmerize. Skinny Love Fareoh Remix Birdy. Skinny Love Fareoh Remix – Birdy.

kaskde Smiley Virus Listen to my new song! More By Sandro Marcos. But I love this remix and track, and will for a very very long time.

Want to see more posts tagged fareoh? Bebe Rexha Fareoh Remix. Having had the pleasure of opening with the American legend during his Freaks Of Nature tour, along with Alvin Risk, Fareoh has seen and gathered a meteoric following in such a short amount of time.

lessons in love kaskade fareoh remix

Neon Trees FareOh Remix. Daily Beat lrssons launched in in a social media capacity to serve local artists under a boutique record label. The Hatchet has disabled comments on our website.

Music News Editorial Hollywood Interviews. Fight For You feat.

lessons in love kaskade fareoh remix

Kaskade – Lesson In Love ft. So much dancing, sweat and glow sticks. Fareoh Kaskade Rave rolling ectasy molly summer.


Since its launch, Daily Beat has expanded into a leading global youth media company with representatives in over 20 countries. The singer talks about boldly pursuing dreams and overcoming fears, a personable theme that gives listeners an idea of where Alicia Keys is right now, besides being on top of the charts.

The two make a leesons pair on this tropical lavish, polished sparkling song. Up for free download!

Listen New Music Mondays: I want to go back! This remix shows how over the years his sound has matured and become more detailed, probably learning a few tricks from Kaskade himself. Out now on Beatport via Big Beat Records http: Feathers Archie Fareoh Archie and Fareoh.

lessons in love kaskade fareoh remix

Well… at least for me. Get your free copy here.