Leeve we are aware that there were irregularities with the avatars and hope that those have been resolved by now. All your information remains private and secure. Regarding the emoticon issue we will look into it in order to solve it as soon as possible. I install Nimbuzz and all functions work expect that the sound quality on my N95 is extremely poor. You can use Skype with the Nimbuzz Mobile version. SniperSpy is completely reliable, safe and best keylogger out there. Hope you have an idea of what might be happening.

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This worked fine before on my Nokia E90 as it buzzed my contacts and it also showed the Nimbuzz incoming number.

Nimbuzz nominated for Best Symbian App Category #Getties

Please note that SIP calling is at the moment fr available for Symbian devices. If yes which version and please give any link to download that version. You can download it here. For instance, if i upload my pic, it stays for a while and then it disappears completely in just a matter of time. If yes, which one?

We are going to fix this issue as soon as possible. Andi and Tobias, if i get both of you nombuzz in my hand i will pulverize you.

This is good, but a have a question. Or to any other IM contact?

New Nimbuzz Mobile instant messaging and VoIP version!

Tobias, again the bug nimbuzz for uiq3 interms of Avatar as Leeve addressed in one comment work on it fast. I have a Wi If you have no solution, can you recommend any othe mobile IMs nimbusz allow you to display an image? Please let us know if you have more questions. Why Nimbyzz is the best? Now change the date to some months before in our case it should be before 21st Oct, just take 1st Sept.


We disabled this feature to come up with an improved solution in the near future.

So to give you a clear picture and make you understand better I would like to take up this post in the form of FAQs Frequently Asked Questions.

Regarding the chat history, we do not support that yet, but we are studying the possibility to do it; we will announce it as soon as it is available.

Username Nimbuzz client and version in use e. Im using Jumlo sip in N They are totally mind blowing!!! Saroj You can use NimbuzzOut by going to http: Can I be traced back if I install the keylogger on some other computer? Now you can start making make incredibly cheap international calls from your iPhone or iPod Touch to landlines and nimbuzz for uiq3 anywhere in the world.

Aman For technical reasons we do no support VOIP calling on Blackberry devices but we are considering the possibility of implementing a calling solution nimbuzz for uiq3 these devices in the future. We will have a look into it and forward to our Tech team so we will study the possibility of implementing something similar in the future. I need help, hwo can tell me how can I reggister my facebook account at my nimbuzz mobile messanger???


New Nimbuzz Mobile instant messaging and VoIP version! – Nimbuzz

Take one with the camera nimbuzz for uiq3 your mobile phone and set it now. Is nimbuzz out activated in oman? They said I have no picture Any help? Nokia shows the caller ID fine but the iPhone shows blocked. New chat layout — your ujq3 messages appear in speech balloons now Video sharing — send a video to your friends using the iPhone 3GS Japanese and Korean languages — now supported NimbuzzOut — Cheap calls to anywhere in the world Today we would like to nimbuzz for uiq3 how easy it is to use NimbuzzOut on the iPhone or iPod Touch: Our developing team is thinking about improving this feature but we dor fix a date for it yet.

When does it exactly appear? I have a wireless internet connection and to see weather or not it was my connection tried the following:. Hello, I have a Nokia N Here we go… 1.