Gotcha, think I understand now: They have to be edited to fit it, otherwise they will use their own body shape that they were made for. That patcher gives you vanilla replacers for SkyKids along with any other armors you have. My first contribution will be my Dremora followers I’ve created, one is a conjurer and the other is a two handed warrior. I hate being such a pitiful, hopeless amateur. I’ve learned how to install it right, so I never see any problems.


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Gotcha, think I understand now: Guess I’m stuck with that It’s all up to you to make your own face really. You kinda have that backwards – Skykids is NOT standalone since it requires you to run skyproc tcots vanilla assets to create the assets skykids needs.

The SkyKids patcher creates it’s own seperate outfits based off of the vanilla rcotts for SkyKids, so it doesn’t affect the regular vanilla outfits. And that’s another point – standalone just means nothing rcot is required for a mod to work.

I hate being such a pitiful, hopeless amateur. As well, it WILL overwrite a lot of your vanilla assets. That patcher gives you vanilla replacers for SkyKids along with any other armors you have.



The conjurer summons special servants, these servants are based off of the imperial race rcotx custom skin and a Dremora base as well.

It’s very reassuring that bodytype no longer matters. Heda the conjurer is a royal amongst the Dremora and possesses the gift to summon her own servants.

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EMI Filters – Rugged Commercial Off the Shelf Filters (RCOTS)

Surprisingly, nothing did, and I ragequit. Thus why I say it is standalone, as it does not affect any of the vanilla game. The skyproc patcher in SkyKids just makes those armors work for SkyKids is all. You’ll have to create a leveled list and assign all the armors and clothes to locations so they show up.

Anything that is UNP Slim here will fit fine. Skyrim Non Adult Mods.

RCOTS Translation – Races – LoversLab

Rots you’re not familiar with installing these types of mods, then yes it will be frustrating at first. It looks different from RCotS, and as well, has plenty of support too. There a list somewhere? But yeah, as I said, clothes or armors won’t magically fit your body shape the child body for instance. I have no idea, I’m completely lost again. As for a backstory, that is for the player to decide I have my own, which is that they are Daedric servants sent to Nirn rcits bring Daedric influence back to Tamriel.



They are using the RCotS assets, not their vanilla assets. You install it via one of those and it gives you all the options to install it. They have to be flagged in the CK to show up properly. It’s on the main page in a seperate download with a bunch of other things as well.

EMI Filters and RFI Filters – Rugged Commercial Off the Shelf (RCOTS)

The primary problem people run into in getting RCOTS working is you need Dawnguard rcohs Hearthfires, even if it doesn’t say so in the requirements. Nothing is as simple as copy paste, take some time to actually read descriptions and learn what is required and what to do. It comes with everything needed separate and ready to go. Like I said before, in order for it to be the same size as your body, you’ll have to edit the armors in Outfit Studio or 3ds Max.

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