There are certainly better, more thorough ways to learn history, but this isn’t an awful summary for what it is. I read an updated edition that came out in Originally reviewed on my blog, Books from Bleh to Basically Amazing. Illustrated by Hendrik Willem van Loon. Since time immemorial, humans love stories.

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I think that Van Loon was well-intentioned, but very misguided in writing this oof. I have done much research and find this a rare gem. When will it ever stop? Why henrik why not? When the mountain has thus been worn away a single day of eternity will have passed. Van Loon, an evolutionist, starts off with life evolving into apelike beings who start to talk to each other. It made me think about human development and the struggles people have had.

I’m pretty sure no students actually read and enjoyed this. This time, I was pleasantly surprised.

Dec 23, Katie rated it it was ok Shelves: Christianity is treated both as the norm and as the correct belief system, and while I agree that the bible is an important work of historical and literary significance, for a book that seems to care so much about scientific accuracy it gets preachy and uncomfortable.


The way van Loon connects this with the eventual Christian religions is neatly done. If the book were written today, I would be more adamant that is an infuriating, condescending, and worthless piece of literature.

Paperback covers in good stkry with wear and creases on covers, atory and corners.

The Story of Mankind – Wikipedia

The French revolution was a particular interest to him — he devotes many, many pages to it. Skip to main content. I suppose that I mostly recommend this for people who enjoy reading vintage history books, this would be one of the more entertaining of that category written for children. She was both a religious as well as military figure, topics he covers lavishly otherwise.

Aside from the treatment vwn the Middle Ages, the Ancient world, and the Enlightenment, the best example is the contrast between the postscript, wherein van Loon calls for a strong captain to seize the helm of the ship of state and drive history forward, and the postscript where he frantically says “I told you Vn was a menace!

And maps are always fun. The book was later updated stry Van Loon and has continued to be updated, first by his the story of mankind by hendrik willem van loon and later by other historians. I must say that Van Loon had a passion for history and tried his best?


Basically an attempt to tell all of the world’s history in one volume and aimed at young folk. There might be a chapter like the one on Napoleon I could get them to read, willlem as a whole work, I think it is a book written for adults. Dilemma over this book. I honestly think adults read it, and thought that children should, so they henrdik it the Newbery.

In spite of these things, I found some parts of the book to be surprisingly progressive. Christianity, mostly although he does nod graciously toward Islam and Buddhism.

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Binding becoming hendri but remains strong and all pa This is a bit of a monster of children’s book to delve into, especially as the first Newbery winner.

So I thought the van Loon book would be perfect However, aside from these small blips, the book is indeed a treasure trove of information.

The edition I read was a relatively recently updated one, however it still left hte to be desired. The Story of Mankind heroically attempts to tell the history of the human race from caveman times tothat being “the present”. I may have flailed a lot when I found that out.