I got to write songs with hit songwriters in New York, L. A duo house concert within the state of Colorado. Reward no longer available 2 backers. Learn more about accountability. This is Zach’s personal guitar that he used to write many songs and has been painted by local artist and friend Susie Jelinek. Give your friends signed copies of the new album.

all the right places zach heckendorf

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A signed vinyl of the new album will be mailed to you plades with a download of the new album. You will be invited to come to Zach and Curtis’ studio to record and mix any song you want, all while getting a sneak peak into their unreleased demos and new songs.

Estimated delivery Jul I have a unique musical perspective. Reward no longer available.

Zach Heckendorf – All the Right Places Dinle / Şarkı Sözü İle Dinle

We will hire an engineer who is very familiar with the studio and all of it’s nuances. Request a cover song. A workplace concert for your place of business. Head over to Zach and Curtis’s home studio and spend a day recording and mixing any song you want.


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These past two years have been the greatest adventure I’ve ever been on and even though I’ve played shows from San Diego to Burlington to Miami Beach, spent time with my musical heroes, and met fan after fan who’ve been touched by my music and I gotta say that this was all just the beginning.

Then we will pick the mixer who brings out the best in that song. A signed test-pressing of the new album on vinyl only 5 availableplus a digital download of the new album. Reward no longer available 2 backers. The summer had arrived and the sweet smell of freedom was in the air. Estimated delivery May Kickstarter is not a store. I’ve learned in these two years of traveling across the country alone that what Alexander Supertramp said is right, “Happiness is only real when shared.

We have some sweet rewards for you guys. We want this to be a professional sounding record and it will be if we are able to finance all of this. It’s a way to bring creative projects to life. They believed in me all the way until the end and pushed me to be a better songwriter and performer. Zach and his full band will perform a full private concert within your home.


all the right places zach heckendorf

Before I get into the details I just have to say This includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and ski tickets. Includes lodging for one night, meals, 2-days in the wilderness hiking, private concert. Full Band Concert within Colorado: This can have a huge effect on the outcome of the record.

But sadly this would all come to an end when they scattered across the country to partake in the ritual of “Party, study?

All The Right Places chords by Zach Heckendorf -Amchords

Because every studio is a unique sound lal there is no way to plan everything. Funding period Nov 13, – Dec 14, 31 days.

Request a cover song: Estimated delivery Mar I love a good pop song. Everyone wants this record to be as dope as possible and sometimes people’s visions are a little bit different. A full band concert outside of Colorado. Plus, get plcaes sneak peak at all the unreleased demos and new songs that have been done there.

all the right places zach heckendorf

Learn more about accountability.