She went on to say something about getting action. Is Michael superhuman, how does he win or almost win everything? This is so bad in a lot of ways, strategically for Sarah, friendship wise for Reid and Ed. I was confused Sarah has an alliance with Reid, but goes and tells Ed, who she had already told she tried to vote him off. I knew as soon as he had Jaclyn on his bad side, he was out. I personally hope they are, because it makes me laugh. Season 3, Episode 2 July 30,

bachelor pad s03e03

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Of course, because she stuck out her neck for him.

bachelor pad s03e03

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 7. The Haunting of Hill House 5. The contestants are taken out of the mansion, for once, and brought to a random field I guess the backyard wasn’t big enough to compete in “Hot Sludge Funday”, where teams will have to bavhelor through an obstacle course filled with all the yummy items found s003e03 a sundae.

He also made the catastrophic mistake of boldly announcing to Jaclyn that her partner was going home, but that he’d be happy to partner up with her afterwards.


Watch Bachelor Pad Season 3 Episode 3: Bachelor Pad on ABC () | TV Guide

Reid thought he had the numbers on his side, but Ed’s still there and about to find out that his friend seriously betrayed him. Bachelor Pad Season 3: Pae is hysterical and powerful.

Before the rose ceremony, let’s catch up on some of the drama that took place. Man, he really isn’t good at this game. Erica talks about how she think David and Jamie would be a cute couple, look like they are in love.

Jamie you had a virgin in love with you, why? This is so bad in a lot of ways, strategically for Sarah, friendship wise for Reid and Ed. A Quiet Place 3. Season 3, Episode 1 July 23, Ed and Reid feud gets worse.

And bachekor David continue his winning streak or will he be the next to head out in the limo of shame? I like the guy, but I don’t get exactly why the producers thought he was Bachelor Pad material.

If you’re going to attempt to overthrow a power couple on Bachelor Padyou better make sure you actually get them out of the mansion.

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Arrowverse Crossover Sneak Peek: Jamie talks about her rough life. Back at the house, the guys and gals start coupling up romantically, including one fan who has better luck on the rebound after getting spurned pd her favorite cast member.


bachelor pad s03e03

The couples are bacelor re-paired up and off we go! We hear sound effects, which may or may not be real. After this concludes, Jaclyn gives a speech, about loyalty and playing the game right. It comes down to Ed and Reid, Blakeley and Donna.

He’s arrogant and completely rude, treating the girls like garbage. The theme is prom, and I find it astonishing that Jamie has never been to prom.

bachelor pad s03e03

Back at the house, a rivalry heats up, leading to a surprise elimination. Ed feels like he let everyone down, including his partner. Season 3 Season 1 Season 2 Season 3. Prom Time With David. Jaclyn convinces him to stay, I would have convinced him to get drunk. They have a heart-to-heart, which is really cute.

The winners go on a three-on-one date to Madame Tussauds Hollywood. I’m gonna go with this guy.