It wasn’t the whole truth of his existence, though it was the one the media enjoyed writing stories about. It was all so strange. She’d gone without many things as a child when her mother had been out of work or, worse, had dropped everything to run off with her womanizing father again. Captivated By The Prince: He’d been content to let them, to feed their need for scandalous behavior. Now, the memory seemed like a distant illusion, made all the more so by his lack of awareness of it. Lily held her breath.

cavellis lost heir

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It was all so strange.

Cavelli’s Lost Heir | Lynn Raye Harris

Ratings and Reviews 0 10 star ratings 0 reviews. Jobs weren’t exactly thick on the ground in Port Pierre; without this one, she couldn’t pay her rent or keep up with her medical insurance premiums. By Royal Demand Harlequin Comics. Had she really expected it? Nico had a sudden urge to loosen his collar—except it was already loose. Lily’s heart dropped to her toes as a fresh wave of tears threatened.

You can continue to use our site but it may not work properly or display correctly. Orders placed on Fridays will be shipped the following Monday. But the mere thought of traveling to Montebianco had turned Lily’s legs to jelly. No, she hadn’t, but after all she’d been through the last two years, it hurt nonetheless. Log in for fast checkout. Nothing would bring Gaetano back, and nothing would change Nico’s destiny now. She’d gone without many things as a child when her mother had been out of work or, worse, had dropped everything to run off with her womanizing father again.


cavellis lost heir

She could search for other employment, but there was no guarantee she’d find anything quickly. In this day and age, with modern medicine being what it was, there was no doubt of his parentage—if, indeed, there could be any doubt in the first place; Cavelli men always looked as if they’d been heri from the same mold.

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As her memory insisted he was. There was no way this man could ever be mistaken for anything other than what he was: Overall book rating Rating. Prince Nico drew closer. So much had changed in his life recently. Playing the Greek’s Game Harlequin Comics. It was not possible. Lily held her breath. She had no cvaellis but to accept the cvaellis, though she’d comforted herself with the knowledge that her chances of actually crossing paths with a prince were pretty slim.

cavellis lost heir

Since heeir couldn’t bring Gaetano back, he would do cavelli utmost to fulfill his duty as Crown Prince to the best of his ability. The only reason the Port Pierre Register had a travel writer was because Julie was not only the publisher’s niece, but her parents also owned the town’s single travel agency.


Nico dropped the paper and shoved back from the desk. The prince with a new mistress every few weeks, and with nothing more pressing to do than to decide which party to attend each night. Lily’s knees went weak. How could he not be aware of her the way she was of him?

cavellis lost heir

She would not cry. Nico pinched the bridge of his nose.

Overall book rating

For UK customers who have chosen the Special delivery option, please allow up to five days before contacting us. The man reached into his inner pocket and pulled out an envelope. Lily sank onto the lumpy mattress in the dank cell and scraped her hand beneath her nose.