Although you can duplicate k disks in a 5. There is a Pascal program floating around the internet which includes source code and can convert DDI files to raw sector dumps. Your computer will now boot from the floppy disk instead of your hard disk. Read here what the DDI file is, and what application you need to open or convert it. A hard disk or network with 2 MB free. Choose the Source drive or Image.


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DiskDupe will recognize the write-protect tab and start reading this in as the next master disk. When you copy disks with Duplicate, DiskDupe will detect whether a disk has been formatted and, if necessary, format it disodupe copying.


All other versions have no limit 3. When you have made your selections, press [Enter] to save them.


As soon as you close the drive door, DiskDupe will start reading the disk into your computer’s Disksupe memory, using your hard disk as virtual memory if necessary.

Diskettes dlskdupe spin at double speed produce a stronger read signal than at regular speed so it is often possible to read a marginal diskette at 2X but not at 1X. When you have finished setting up your autoloader, select Drives from the Setup menu and press Auto-Set, which will automatically set up your drives for you.


Riskdupe command line switch is only supported in version 4. To sense a disk change, DiskDupe needs to keep the drive on. If you are the only one using DiskDupe on your network, you can install it as described in the hard disk installation section.

We also provide limited support to unregistered users. Copying from one disk to another is the simplest way to make new disks. Pin 32 is the pin that selects which side of the disk gets written to.

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Source and Destination can be the same drive, but do not need to be. Then select Go, Duplicate to create the image. In extreme cases, it is necessary to clean the drive head by hand diskdup a Q-tip and isopropyl alcohol. Acronym Finder has 61 verified definitions for DDI. DAT, which is updated with DiskDupe’s current settings each time you exit.

DiskDupe Support Guide – CopyPro Inc

This problem can be avoided by leaving the disk type set to “Auto” in DiskDupe. Compare checks that two or more disks are identical. DiskDupe can duplicate disks amazingly fast and without any fuss. When you are ready to start using the next write-protected diskkdupe disk just put it in.

DAT, which is updated with DiskDupe’s current settings each time you exit. Although you can duplicate k disks in a 5. Diskdupe Disk Image File.

The only time this might pose a problem is if the disk contains sensitive information that you want to be sure to wipe off completely. Other brands and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. The Source is the location of the master diskette to be copied or compared ddiskdupe the destination chosen for the job to be performed.


It is the standard way it works. This is useful if you want to use DiskDupe in a batch file.

UTILDISK: Floppy disk copy and format utils, caches, RAM disks, backup programs

Other programs simply don’t measure up to DiskDupe in terms of speed, bad disk detection, ease of use, and depth of features. The easiest way to set up your computer is to go down each item in the Setup menu. When you are in a dialog box you can press [Alt]18393, where 18393 is the highlighted letter of the option you want to go to.


If more than one person will be using DiskDupe at the same time, contact us for information on a site license. Use [Enter] to select a menu item. There are also variations, such as creating an image of a disk on your hard disk and xiskdupe copies from that file.

DDI is a sector-based disk image format created with the DiskDupe program.