Even though the code has been updated many times A few highlights Minor tweaks to cope with Incorrectly headered 16bit bmps for experimental purposes. Also fixed a bug in Targa32 Save. This page was generated in 0. I save the texture as a 16 Bit BMP. DXTBmp is part of these download collections:

dxtbmp 4.00.95

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The system for loading and saving has been greatly simplified. See if installing the latest version fixes your problem. Nevertheless, you should know you can another one by simply accessing a dedicated entry in the menu bar. In order for this to be closer to reality, aside from sound and the plane panel, it is important to have well-rendered textures.

Useful for FS RePainters 4. Many thanks to Christian Fumey. File parsing modified so that most R8 files can be read – whatever strange Extension has been used. Minor tweaks to cope with Incorrectly headered 16bit bmps for experimental purposes. Click here to see the download options for DXTBmp The setup process is dtxbmp breeze, as it does not take very long and it does not come with any offers from third-party products, nor does it require you to configure settings.


Different options can be set for mip scaling and mip processing. Preview of save formats. Useful for FS RePainters. Palette Bug in Windows Bitmap write squashed. Then go through the same steps and I get the same result.

dxtbmp 4.00.95

I now have version 4. Corrected a bug in the Reading of “odd sized” 16 bit BMP. Incorporate nVidia codec into support dll so nvDXT is no longer needed. Playing a major part in texture composition, the alpha channel receives a special fully-packed menu with various options such as import, export, create, template, flip or mirror.

All my programs should run on any version of Windows from Windows 95 onwards. CFS format 4.00.995 removed. I open up Dxtbmp and open up the specific BMP file.

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Whoops – got Red and Blue switched in Bmp 16bit. There are no special memory or display requirements but, as is usual with any Graphics Programs, the more memory and the faster the Video dstbmp the better. I save the texture as a 16 Bit BMP. A single “Open” option lets you select which type of file to open.

DXTBmp 4.00.95 free Download

Several “Save as” options let you select a different format to save in. Latest Update of mwgfx. Extra “missing dll” error trapping. New codec provides for saving all formats via the nVidia lib including Dxybmp.

DXTBmp Download (Free) –

Now the right way round thanks Ray. I am using Photoshop Elements 4. Quality on a colour display will not be very good although some programs can be set to dither images down.

I used to be able to save in DXT3 and the file size would be exactly 1. Finally got acceptable colour remapping for R8 Rxtbmp.

dxtbmp 4.00.95