Heat Your Dome For Free? Ideas 4 Landscaping Revi No independent reviews available. Guess what… you can still build this dome! This entry was posted in Biodome Revolution Reloaded. It will withstand earthquakes and hurricanes and grow, ‘an incredible amount of food. Login Create Your Own Review.

eden biodome revolution

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It is true that Kacper makes it sound too simple – and customers warn of this. Grow food, support your family!

Eden Biodome Revolution 2.0 Launch

It will withstand earthquakes and hurricanes and grow, ‘an incredible amount of food. All links led straight back to the ‘Biodome Revolution’ website or were composed of text very similar to the original watch out for ‘strawberries in their t-shirts Postawski’s ‘Eden Biodome Revolution’ will, allegedly, show you how to build a heat efficient, strong, ‘food factory’ of any size to suit your space.

Jackie Gay rates this 2. I t’s a very tempting by-line. Heat Your Dome For Free? Fresh lemons in January? Your email address will not be published. It’s a great idea but sadly, not too credible. Proudly powered by WordPress.

eden biodome revolution

All Rights Reserved All images and trademarks contained in ukritic. A published novelist, editor and university teacher, Jackie has recently moved t This entry was posted in Biodome Revolution Reloaded.


Eden BioDome Revolution, by Kacper Postawski – REVIEW

Researched Only Reviewer has not owned or tested this product, all information contained in this review is based of research the feedback of others that may or may not have owned the product. Did you find Jackieg’s review helpful?

And Mr Postawski has had complaints against him for not shipping promised products. After you have decided to actually build your own biodome greenhouse revokution need a plan of course. Check them out first.

Biodome Revolution Launch | Geodesic

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. You need at least one assistant to help you cut, measure and assemble your geodesic dome.

Consensus seems to be that you do need biiodome, time and space to complete a successful project. December 10, Eden Biodome Revolution from www.

Get the inside scoop on building your own DIY geodesic greenhouse. For all intents and purposes, this content is to be treated as “entertainment only”. And there are other free guides to building biodomes available online – not as pretty as Kacper’s, but functional.

eden biodome revolution

The site will give you access to the ebook, tons of detailed pictures and best of all the start to finish videos of the whole revoultion build from breaking ground to the grand opening.


Guess what… you can still build this dome!

eden biodome revolution

Please do your own due diligence and consult with a licensed professional before making any decisions in connection to this content. Must be logged in to leave a rating. So whether you are doing it to grow food, to be ready for the big oneor just for the fun of it you have got to get your hands some tools, grab a set of plans either here or somewhere else and get building.

And there is nothing like that moment when you connect the final struts and all your hard work building your geodesic greenhouse comes together into one amazing dome! Build an optin email list in WordPress [Free Software].

So if you are getting ready to, or have decided to build a DIY geodesic greenhouse then get cracking now because the sooner you start the sooner you will be munching on fresh veggies, berries and fruit. Or something equally original.