Girish December 11, at 8: Okay I got a dump file and read it through ibmpass 2. Those images taken using Nokia camera phone. Or set proper rights to the install folder. When connecting the diode, ensure the cathode end — black end — connects to the resistor. Spot on for the address to read too, only needed to read 6 chars. Mon Jan 23, 3:

ibmpass 2.1 lite

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Many thanks to my colleagues and also to the testers.

If you have AVG disable it. The lap top was unlocked.

ibmpass 2.1 lite

I edited bin file with with password but when I try to use ibmpasz to rewrite eprom. Ensure that you have an unobstructed view of the motherboard board and that there is adequate lighting.

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Flip the Ibmpas right side up again and open the screen until extended fully degrees. With this method, you need to have a very steady finger to hold the needdle in place.

While not for the novice tech person, you can access the supervisor password on a ThinkPad laptop by constructing and connecting a rudimentary EEPROM reader.


I appreciate your thoroughness! Small Business – Chron. That “loop” catched my interest. Double-click the 24R08 Programmer utility setup file.

IBMpass Lite description & review

I like to have some hex dump with unencripted passwords to reverse enginer it myown. SPEG – Universal serial flash programmer. Finally I cut and pasted your code from 0x – 0x33f and 0x – 0x to the same place in my dump, uploaded with w24rf08 and bingo!

I do not speak English, so my translation ibmpasw not up to snuff.

Ibm Pass Lite Download

If it fails you can always re-flash the original dump and no harm done! Put a nice comments. R60 and X60 are the new models added in the PC Tools list: I don’t know how this guy’s doing this – but his service exceptional: Solder one of the diodes to the Ohm resistor you connected to pin “4” on the adapter.

But I dont have any system with COM port. To me, it looks like the diodes are upside down. Many thanks also to all friends who tested the beta version. Power off the ThinkPad if you have not already done so and unplug the AC adapter. Last edited by victor on Thu May 16, 1: Things Needed Phillips 2 screwdriver Awl Antistatic wrist strap Second computer with Internet connection and 9-pin serial port Three pieces of thin gauge wire about 12 to 16 inches long Magnifying glass Soldering iron and flux Male-to-female 9-pin serial port adapter Two Ohm resistors Two C5V1 Zener diodes Wire snips Masking tape 9-pin serial data cable.


Ibmpass 2.1 lite social advice

Click “File” on the menu bar, and then select “Open. Mon Jan 23, 4: I sent it off We are here to help but we are not clairvoyants so we need pictures.

I mean when the chip is soldered on tne MB, and laptop is on and waiting for Supervisor Password. Though its very nice to have all this, be it some of these laptops are getting quite old, they are still nice for basic stuff.

ibmpass 2.1 lite

Please tell me what to do. Some other news is that we could unlock some Macbook Pro in the same manner. Peel it from there.