It brings quite a few things to the table: It is more efficient to pre-compile such parameterized query functions:. In addition to the usual applicative join operators supported by relational databases which are based off a cross join or outer join , Slick also has zip joins which create a pairwise join of two queries. Joins are used to combine two different tables or queries into a single query. New Premium plugins for Piwik 3 Some amazing new features are now available on the Marketplace as premium plugins: Posts, Pages, Taxonomies, Redirection, Trasher…: To learn more about Piwik 3 read our recent posts:

icomplex 3.0.0

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In these cases, AutoInc columns are not ignored.

Updating Piwik is usually a relatively straightforward process but not always. Read the Docs v: The language manager allows the creation of a completely new language that is added to the list of those already provided by default.

icomplex 3.0.0

There is currently no way to use scalar expressions or transformations of the existing data in the database for updates. Every anomaly detected will be fixed and the related intervention will be tracked. If you only want a single result value, you can call head or headOption on the 3.0.0 Action.

Matomo 3.0.0

It is also able to inspect and set state and call services. InnoCraft which supports Piwik and our mission going forward. In an effort to help Piwik developers learn about improvements and changes in the core APIs, we document the changes since the last icmplex. This is why MultilingualPress has been enhanced. Grouping is done with the groupBy method. Even the literal 8. Can the system respond to presence or absence of people? Such a ifomplex cannot be represented by an SQL database and Slick does not currently support it, either.


The new version brings several news and improvements compared to the previous one.

icomplex 3.0.0

The Action can then be executed directly in a streaming or fully materialized way, or composed further with other Actions: In this case you usually want to get back the auto-generated primary key column. For a lot of things, automations work well and can be very succinct.

Testing cycles become a lot more efficient as a result. You write a query which selects the rows to delete and then get an Action by calling the delete method on it:. Rep [ Int ], max: As a veteran of several Home Automation systems with varying degrees success, it was this article more than anything else that convinced me that Home Assistant had the right philosophy behind it and was on the right track. Applicative joins are performed by calling a method that joins two queries into a single query of a tuple of the individual results.

icomplex 3.0.0

You write a query which selects the rows to delete and then get an Action by calling the icomppex method on it: Piwik is an open analytics platform.


Query[ Rep[IntRep[String]Int, StringSeq]the signatures for these methods are very complex but the semantics are essentially the same as for Scala collections.

A cross-join is created with a flatMap operation on a Query i. Plugins maintained by Piwik and plugins by InnoCraft are compatible for sure with the latest Piwik version. The operators and other methods which are commonly used in queries are added through implicit conversions defined in ExtensionMethodConversions.

IComplex – Install Complex Script support (Bangla) on Windows

X to Piwik 3 in our Migration guide. Our developers are always working to make the plugin more stable and robust through continuous test sessions. We released the new major version! The API provides a rich environment suited to home automation tasks that can also leverage all the power of Python.

Therefore it is necessary to flatten the nested queries immediately by aggregating their values or individual columns as done in q2.