The following is a list of episodes in the series. General Bacchus fights the Justirisers again and looks for Shirogane. He, she and Shinya transform into Justirisers for the last time. Reika doesn’t know that there would be more than one Star Beast. Jinno saves Shouta and they return to Earth. Armyul finds the Justi Crystal. Zora many times and then when Kageri attacks Dr.

justiriser cartoon in urdu

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They think the battle is all over. Now that Shouta has became Justiriser Glen, he have to stand up against Kaiser Hades to save the world.

justiriser cartoon in urdu

Later, Demon-Knight is fired from Kaiser Hades’ evil plan. But Valgan kills Mira. Zora asked what that Gen Sei Juu is.

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Jinno saves Shouta and they return to Earth. She says “Let’s do it, Nin Riser! The Justirisers fight against Demon-Knight again. The Justirisers transform and summon Riseross.

When Glen can become Shirogane again, he is able to defeat General Bacchus. Five extraordinary teens carry on the legacy as the Lightspeed Power Rangers, the newest and most powerful team of champions ever, dedicated to fighting evil and protecting all that is good She and Gant are able to fight Armorgunner.


They see the 4 robots in the computer. Mio mistakenly justtiriser out the plate and it falls, and then Dr.

Though Yuka is the one who kills Deathborg Leogaias.

Justiriser Episode 25

Shouta’s life has been hard justtiriser him after he have became Riser Glen. When Basky returns to the base of the badguys, she tells Kaiser Hades to give her another chance, but he kills her for being weak and not killing any goodguy.

The series used to broadcast on Cartoon Network and Teletoon. Justiriser Glen summons Enoh.

Justirisers Episode 1 English Dub (READ THE ABOUT TAB)

When Raijimeus is sent after the Stellar Plate the Justirisers possess, Rajimeus cartion hydrokinetic in his power to assume a liquid form. Mio and Yuka hide from Gentarou.

They are Riseross and the Justirisers. Glen and Kageri fight him when he attacks Gentaro who ended by the plate by mistake, creating water clones of himself as decoys before he escapes. Then Justiriser Glen asked what his Justiriser form is. The Justirisers and Mio and Reika and Gentarou are all happy that the first set of badguys are wiped out.


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Later, they ride a cargoon, but Raijimeus returns and attacks them again. When Reika asks something about Jinno, Jinno leaves and goes to a parking lot, so he becomes a badguy.

Jinno Shiro, the brother of Noulan, arrives on Earth and tells Shinya that it’s almost over for the Justirisers’ mission to continue.

Use the HTML below. Glen said “There is gonna be something I can do. Three friends destined to save a hypnotized brother of a queen by an evil invader and also to save their own planet.

justiriser cartoon in urdu

No more other badguys will invade the Earth. Jinno knows that Drak killed Jinno’s other ex-girlfriend, Maia. You must be a justirisre user to use the IMDb rating plugin. But Mio and a boy named Kazuya protect it and keep it.