The story runs during a wide landscape of your time and area. What is your opinion? Having embarked upon several painstaking and challenging tasks such as the ascension of K-2 and the surpassing of the treacherous “Chitti Buoi” Glacier among others. Their problem is that they cannot write as freely as we can. We need innovative and smart writers and that requires writers to be properly educated or well versed with contemporary trends. Maybe DAWN can reproduce it for the benefit of its readers. That is why I do not give advice to anyone.

khas o khashak zamane

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Writers were just a tad bit sharper than the public and had more experiences — Manto, for instance, had experience of Bombay and so had Rajinder Singh Bedi and Krishan Chander. You cannot compare my novels to these literary works.

Secondly, I have never accepted everything wholly. Subscribe Our Youtube Channel. Desh bandhu Chopra May 25, Why are ecology and natural environment mentioned a lot in your writing? I told her that all the giants of Urdu fiction, except Khass Hyder, were Punjabis.

Rashid May 25, A giant personality and bit different in his views than other writer of his time.


The lesser society reads, the safer writers are: Mustansar Hussain Tarar – Herald

It is not possible for poetry samane encompass all this in detail. Or do they really have the capabilities lacking in our Urdu writers? Long live Tarrar Sahib.

khas o khashak zamane

He responded by writing three more pages on the same subject. Ohashak I did not continue it [because] I had no interest in writing.

When a person unleashes dogs after that character, he realises while running that there is no belief, no tribe, no lineage, no nationality — there is only the oppressor and the oppressed. I would say I am not that proud on having received the Pride of Performance [award] and Sitara-e-Imtiaz [from the Pakistani government] because these are awarded to so many people.

Mustansar Hussain’s literary proficiency as an author often overshadows the fact that he has been an active mountaineer for a very extensive period of time.

Khas O Khashak Zamane by Mustansar Hussain Tarar

At least he isn’t pretending to be a humble celebrity. Those writing in Punjabi have altogether different capabilities. Today his worry is evident. Not that this will happen in the next to years, but the decline has already started. More significantly, both of Mustansar Hussain’s professions often intertwine and relate, since he uses his experiences on his expeditions as travelogues. I love the man But, in the same breath, he says critics need to pay attention to other contemporary fiction writers, particularly Khalida Hussain and Sami Ahuja.


It is not intentional. He carries a big burden on his shoulders because he has to break the news of annihilation to his fellow villagers. I am Paroshni, the narrator of the novel. It led to new trend in Urdu literature. Open Preview See a Problem? Maheba rated it it was amazing Dec 02, She was astonished to note that the biggest names of Urdu fiction were not native Urdu speakers.

khas o khashak zamane

A writer makes the writing significant or insignificant. You brought me the views of my spiritual teacher.

khas o khashak zamane

If Bulleh Shah is compared to Urdu poets, all the great names will be dwarfed [in front of him], not because Bulleh Shah was more capable but because his language was more capable. Book revealed by herb e meal publications.