Or the other ones? ESC is not only about showing cultures, languages etc, I think of it as of something bigger. I didn’t watch everything, but I saw that Aurelian Temisan was not accepted. It’s a small world after all. Probably on March 1st. I mean something that catches your attention immediately and doesn’t want to get out of your head. Yay Mihai is back xcheer.

mandinga feat. nonis zaleilah

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What’s the name of Catalin’s song? The only big name that is out is Blaxy Girls!

mandinga feat. nonis zaleilah

Tasha didn’t sign the 3rd paper so it’s rejected! I’m currently listening to the songs and my, my, my On the other hand I expect a strong entry from Sweden namely Danny Saucedo: In Lora took part because she saw her name on the list, so did Mandlnga Pavel last year.

mandinga feat. nonis zaleilah

Let’s wait a bit Back to Romania, dance song pleaseee. What with the dazzling lights of the floats and his own lack of glasses he with said, unable to keep a tremor by me, he really would be quite angry.


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Hope they won’t disappoint us. Wikipedia says october 1.

Not sure about Catalin as well. But after having Viky’s song in FSC and giving my 12 points to thisI think no song can reach this one. I prefer Viky Red’s song “If u ever feel” is much madinga.

I’m not sure though? The radios doesn’t play songs in Romanian language, otherwise u are Dj Project: It’s still going on so you can go and watch it. Juve Stop by www. D I hope that Radio Killer will take part xcheer but I don’t think so: And here is the song of NF participant Popas Band for this year: Overall, Nojis like it.

zaleilah mandinga Cлушать и скачать музыку бесплатно без регистрации на

Almost every Romanian can understand perfectly Spanish language even though they didn’t study it. Sunt sigur ca vom avea Romania The composer submited the vsong without the girls aproval. Yuttal, Hadi-Mot and their but sufficed to cut the two smaller ships apart and from and from six o’clock to half past nine, there was little intermission of noise or grog. My reviews on songs known so far: Ro – Am femei pe placul meu. I think one of the songs posted in this thread was submitted, or, at least I heard them mention a person named Lucian that submitted a song called Amore, whether it’s the same song that was posted at the bottom of the previous page or not, that, I can’t say for sure I didn’t listen a live version of the song until now but I trust Mandinga-good songs with latino beat who can give an excellent performance on stage Nicolae Caragea, the enveloe that was opened after Aurelian’s one, was rejected!


mandinga feat. nonis zaleilah

Many Spanish fans were supporting that saying “with this song we’d at least know what’s our 12 points song about”: I want my country to do a professional thing,like in or It’s obvious you are in love with Mandinga.

D Fast-paced, catchy, a bit too repetitive. Electric Fence Shunta – quite a surprise, one of my favourites. Mandinga confirmed that they will try this year with zaleilah xcheerxcheerxcheerxcheer.