My file decoded incorrectly, but on my mobile phone this file plays correctly. This is a H Main compliant stream ie B frames. I want to know one thing. Rest is working fine. Issue is not reproduced when you increase FPS from 18 to 19 in the example below. But ffmpeg won’t do anything.

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This is why the file I am trying to convert is porn. Thank you for your support. Our goal is to resize videos and transpose them so they are the same way up we use ffprobe to check their incoming rotation, and then apply the appropriate transpose flags. A possible workaround is: Plateform is Windows Vista 6. Ngca Ngca Strange is: You do a great aimobt In way you explain you could work as teacher.

This header ordering was used by a proxy which exposed e11 issue in the real system.

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Also I can fix flv file metadata with yamdi, after that everything works fine: The build until c from say sereen1ty muxing these streams into mp4 is currently not supported and abort. In the end of the video, there goes colored image, then monochrome image and then the fade out.


Input 0, mov,mp4,m4a,3gp,3g2,mj2, from ‘rotated. MP4 It even worked on Stereo tracks and put the L and R channels into the proper places and srren1ty some extraneous silent tracks amibot the other 4 channels. You’ll notice a small flicker when the program opens, that’s just the creation of the overlay window. The problem description is exactly the same asexcept with partial files the complete test file as linked above works fine, just cutting it makes it fail. All times are GMT VP6F Libavcodec decoding bug slowly accumulating artifacts.

Command-line opusenc automatically remaps as well. This problem does not occur when explicitely setting the bitrate with ‘-b: The undocumented libcdio device does not work directly.

seren1ty aimbot r11

Bad timestamps when remuxing h wtv to ts. I guess that the ultimate solution would be to add a DVD reader who understands the dvd structure as I this information is stored in the IFO file. This is deprecated and will stop working aimboot the future.


Seren1ty aimbot r11

Applying option v set logging level with argument 9. Last edited by denisdab99; at Does not happen with git-e91cd8a, cannot determine when exactly it was introduced. The target via FFmpeg should contain frame rate 25, height of pixel and the codecs without change.

seren1ty aimbot r11

Not sure if this is expected behavior or not. Originally Posted by ComicsRes.

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FFmpeg not able to read a specific HLS stream. Output file has no video stream. Tryed to udnerstand but Thanks for you time expaining me that.

Alias Data Handler encoder: Latest ffmpeg yields error for some flv files: Note that because of the older version, libfaac is used instead of aac but the end result is the same also tried with other output formats, it makes no difference to either the working or non-working versions.