Lists with This Book. I’m esctatic that Kaslik the author writes the persepctive from an older ‘woman’ -assuming since this problem is more common amongst teenagers, its refershing how she presents the reality from a year old college student–who aspired to be a surgeon. Together their narratives convey the unbreakable bond between the two sisters. Giselle was the smart one. Overall, a decent read, but I really wish it didn’t have the downfalls that it does. Family relationships are HUGE in this book. Feb 12, Katie rated it really liked it Recommends it for:

skinny ibi kaslik

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Haunted by her love-deprived relationship with her late step-father, who always favored the younger daughter, this once strong role model and medical student, is gripped by anorexia.

skinny ibi kaslik

Holly and Giselle take turns narrating the story, and rarely are these emotions good; if you want a feel-good story, this is not the book for you. Skinny keeps your interest through out the entire book and brings you into an unfamiliar, yet fascinating world.

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skinny ibi kaslik

How one character was struggling with this eating disorder and her sister was struggling to try to help her get over it.

Overall, the negatives and fouls of the book greatly outweigh the positives of the book. Lists with This Book.


skinny ibi kaslik

Giselle’s eating disorder calls her an exhibitionist and a slut; it asks her, somewhat rhetorically, why she always loves people who never love her back. This article about a Canadian novel is a stub. She doesn’t tell her mother or sister this but, years later, it still kaspik. Even with the description of a love-hate relationship and a battle with anorexia, the lime green popsicle cover leads one to think these subjects would be handled with a light touch.

She was a student at medical school when her breakdown occurred, and now she’s just the one who sits at home and doesn’t fill sminny clothes. When not on the athletic field, Holly struggles to find a place in the parochial junior high hierarchy.

But Holly did it perfectly and without a problem. Giselle is an incredibly intelligent med student who suffers from anorexia, as you read along you start to see that it seems that she also suffers from Dissociative identity disorder multiple personality one part of her wants to be healthy, understands th This book was very raw and realistic and sad.

This book is hard. I wished Giselle were more complex. This is beyond body image and moves into the area of delusion and self-annhilation. Furthermore, Kaslik could not decide what type of book to write: I went into Skinny wanting to read an anorexia story. The only time she stated she had a problem hearing was in a math class. Holly would always running that was her way to cope with the stress of losing her dad.


Too hungry to eat?

Young adult book reviews — *Skinny* by Ibi Kaslik- Curled Up With A Good Kid’s Book

To me the characters were indispensable, easily replaced. This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [is giselle in a relationship with a girl or a boy? This page was last edited on 19 Februaryat Dec 27, Matthew rated it it was ok. The passages from the medical-school guide really emphasized Giselle’s mortality and complemented her muted, though persistent, voice. Other people that may enjoy reading Skinny are those who like to step out of their comfort zone.

While it’s plausible we don’t get much of this from Giselle because Eve’s departure is something she does not want to think about, I found it confusing and irritating that it was mentioned at the beginning of the book and then almost swept under the rug for the rest of it. The inability to function, to care, what brings a person back from that?

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Giselle taught her how to speak. Drusilla Ollennu October 28, English 11, p.

It appeared on the New York Times best sellers list [1] for two consecutive weeks in