It resembles a tambourine without the skin and has small cymbals attached at intervals around its circumference. Dances of Sri Lanka. Today the elaborately costumed ves dancer epitomizes Kandyan dance, which highlights Sri Lanka’s culture. Gahaka Vannama – Recital of the Conch Shell The dancers wear an elaborate costume including a headdress.

udarata wannam 18

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“JANADHI” Udarata ‘Gajaga’ Wannama..mp4

They were aligned to the Temple of the Tooth and had a significant role to play in the dalada perahera procession held each year by the temple.

There are only a few performances of the Kohomba Kankariya now due to many social, economic and political reasons. After the performance of the Kohomba kankariya the illness vanished, and many udaraa adopted the dance. The headdress incorporates a metallic front which makes the dancer look taller than he is. Mangalam – The Invocation From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The elaborate ves costume, particularly the headgear, is considered sacred and is believed to belong to the deity Kohomba. The dancers wear an elaborate costume including a headdress. Pani Bharatha and Ven. It has now been revived and adapted for the stage, and is Sri Lanka’s primary cultural export.


May Learn how and when to remove this wsnnam message. It resembles a tambourine without the skin and has small cymbals attached at intervals around its circumference.

The complete costume also includes anklets that produce a metallic rattle each. The dancer sings as he plays, tightening the strings to obtain variations of pitch. Please help improve this article if you can.

“JANADHI” Udarata ‘Gajaga’ 4 – Video Dailymotion

The dance is said to have originated in the udarta of Prince Siddhartha, who became Buddha. However, there is no definite Ves costume for women, and many female dancers have adapted the male costume in different ways. The Kandyan Dance was adapted for the stage by Chitrasena Dias in the s.

To assist the dancer to keep rhythm a small pair of cymbals known as the Thalampota is also used. Some believe that this “Malaya Rata” was located in India. Streaming and Download help.

udarata wannam 18

Traditionally a dancer would have to learn to perform all of these vannam before they would be gifted the ves costume. Most vannam describe the behaviour of animals such as elephants, monkeys, rabbits, peacock, cocks, serpents etc.

History reveals that the Kandyan king Sri Weeraparakrama Narendrasinghe gave wannqm encouragement to dance and music.

udarata wannam 18

This costume is known as the Ves costume. It is said that the kavi poetry sung to music for the eighteen principal vannam were composed by an old sage named Ganithalankara, with the help of a Buddhist priest from the Kandy temple. The most well known among ucarata are the hanuma vannama monkeyThe ukusa vannama Eagle and the gajaga vannama elephant.


The eighteen classical Vannams are Gajaga elephantThuranga horseMayura peacockGahaka conch shellUranga reptileMusaladi hareUkusa hawkVairodi precious stoneHanuma monkeySavula cockSinharaja lionNaiyadi cobraKirala lapwingEeradi arrowSurapathi in praise of the Goddess SurapathiGanapathi in praise of udaata God GaneshaUdara expressing the pomp and majesty of the udaratzand Asadrusha extolling the merits of the Buddha. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

The dancer wears a white cloth and white turban, beadwork decorations on his chest, a waistband, rows of beads around his neck, silver chains, brass shoulder plates, anklets, and jingles.

The dance was propitiatory, never secular, and performed only by males. He has also lectured at the Royal College of Music. Gajaga Vannama – Recital of the Elephant The corpus later grew to eighteen Vannams. Its name comes from the uddekkia small lacquered hand drum in the shape of an hourglass, about 7.

udarata wannam 18