The challenge is to fly though the valley under the bridges. What does Early Access mean, and what do I get for my purchase? As a 3D artist you think and discuss about how to best translate the concept art to in-game 3D models. Experience with sculpting, retopo, and baking for game engines. What happens if you remove the left leg? April 28th Send videos to:

volo airsport v3

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Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Could you please include a Config file where we can adjust certain variables like Start Position, Altitude jetpack mode ;] etc?

Download Volo Airsport | Volo Airsport Development Blog

Visit airsporf Unreal Unity Blog! Normally part of a series. Nice work, keep it up. There was a link to http: It so impressive the way the character reacts to quick turns as it actually happens in real life.

volo airsport v3

While we’re polish up v3. Arisport control scheme is complex and gives you a lot of control; but it expects a aiirsport of finesse. The price will increase as the game grows. Looking forward to new update! And all the while, we were able to rely on you – our community – to guide and support us. Controls Configuration Some folks are having trouble setting up their own gamepads and joysticks. Favors theory over aiirsport but leaves source in video description.


Anyway thanks again, its so cool. If you want to get it cheap, get it now. I’ll check the newest version once I get money in the bank for it. Playstation 3 Controller users can use MotionInJoy to map their controls to the game.

To apply send us an email with your motivation and portfolio to info volo-airsport.

You can download v3. Want to add to the discussion? It was founded in by Martijn for the purpose of making games. Version 3 and up of Volo Airsport can airspoet purchased on our home page. In this episode we see Pilot’s first flailing attempts at more directly flying his parachute, and discuss how he’ll get better at it.

Lots of professionals hang out there.


Already sunk about 3 hours into it already, I love physics games! If you experience framedrop, shakey bodyparts or stuttering camera motion you are most likely affected by performance problems.

Joysticks are also supported. We added features that allowed you to choose the way you fly, whether in our signature wingsuit, or the new, customizable parachute.


We’re extending the contest deadline right up to and including this Thursday so you can get your entries in, and we’ll announce the winners on Friday’s episode. This game is sooo awesome. This is vilo normal. We certainly are, get in touch! Environments are well done.

volo airsport v3

Check out the trailer: